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First Class ICT Support started life in 2018 to help schools get the full benefits from their classroom technologies, whilst lowering the total cost of ownership.
We are based in Bradford and offer dependable technical assistance should your team require support.
We believe passionately that well-managed, correctly implemented ICT tools can create new possibilities for the learning process and help deliver the best possible outcomes.

From the directors to our engineers; we all spend the majority of our time in schools - whether that's repairing an iPad or deploying a new WiFi or server infrastructure, we cater for the big jobs AND the small.

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Package 1

Fortnightly 1/2 day scheduled visits

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Weekly 1/2 day scheduled visits

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Weekly 1 day scheduled visits


· Regular on-site visits, at a frequency to suit your needs
· Technical consultation, including assistance with school projects
· Remote support
· Technical trouble shooting covering hardware, software and network systems
· Admin upgrades and Microsoft Office installations
· Procurement / Installation of curriculum software
· Assistance with the administration of broadband
· Admin and Curriculum Server monitoring and System checks
· Monitoring of your third party hardware maintenance contract agreements
· Peripheral hardware set up and configuration: e.g. scanners, printers, digital cameras
· Routine maintenance of computer systems
· Install and upgrade your Anti-Virus software

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